Dear all,

Almost 2 years ago David Gachepapier asked me to make diagrams for his book
and I agreed as it was quite a challenge to see if my diagrams can work
also for his models (which are totally different from my own). Last week we
finally released the result of that rather unexpected collaboration. I am
happy to announce that our new book "Shaping Paper: Breathing Life into
Origami" is now available on Amazon. We were already quite noisy about it
on social media, I apologize if you get to see it again here.

The book introduces the techniques used by David to give his models the
final push which turns his origami into objects. Ten folding projects which
are diagrammed show how to shape paper as much as how to fold it; these
projects are not complex but will require some practice! “Shaping Paper“
also features many pictures of David‘s models, both to illustrate the
techniques which are taught and to take the reader on a little tour.

We would like to thank here all the people who helped us succesfully finish
this project! Special thanks go to Polly Verity for a wonderful Foreword,
Louise Flax for thorough proofreading of all texts, Steve, Czvetzelina,
Anicé, Jino, Jamie, Amandine, Elisabeth, Tine, Seb, David, Alizee for very
essential testfolding!

Happy shaping! :) Dasa Severova
Book is available now in several Amazon shops:


For those who don‘t like Amazon, the book will be soon available also in
the Origami Shop, it's possible to preorder it already here
In any case, you can also contact directly David ( to
ask if there is another option.

David's recent work can be seen here,
and mine here

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