Joyce Rockmore was my first origami teacher more than thirty years ago. I took 
my first class from her at my local library. She also had monthly meetings in 
Needham MA. I met origami friends there and I cherish them to this day. Joyce 
was a great teacher and very giving of her time and sharing her origami talent.

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> On Jan 8, 2020, at 1:04 PM, FOLD <> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I was out and about sightseeing in my hometown yesterday wearing the latest
> OUSA convention shirt. Another woman on the your we were on asked about it.
> She said her mother used to be quite involved in OUSA ... Her mom's name
> was Joyce Rockmore. Maybe some of you know her?
> I guess she has a couple of diagrams it there - one in Sheri Lewis' book.
> Joyce used to host the show Everyone Folds Something ? I think that was the
> name of it.
> I'm sad to say that we didn't exchange names, so I don't know what the
> daughter's name is. 😒 But it was cool to meet her - all because I was
> wearing an origami tee shirt!
> Dee

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