> I'm glad there are smart and patient people in the world ... I have tried
> for years to get the colors to work out the way I want them to!! I usually
> get to the end and have it all go haywire and have matching colors. If I'm
> feeling ok about it, I just turn that part so no one sees it (actually so
> *I* don't see it - no one else ever send to notice it). Or I'll fold more
> units, take it apart and try to put it together again. Sigh.
> Thanks for the chart Meenakshi!

You're welcome, Dee. I am sure many have come up with coloring solutions, I
just put it out there. And patient I am definitely not!

I also happen to have coloring charts for some of the more challenging
planars such as STUVWXYZ, if you do not know already. Many people have told
me that they found them useful. They are also in my book Ornamental
Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs, CRC Press.


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