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> .....I'm looking again on the topic of
> the creator of the three-piece spinning top of Japanese origin. This
> conversation on the mailing list date around September 2019. Everyone that
> answered told me it was either Makoto Yamaguchi or Taichiro Hasegawa. So I
> still don't know who the creator is. [Here's the picture:]


Chila:  I may have missed other responses to this, or it's been awhile and
I've forgotten, but I learned this model years ago, from a friend, and have
only ever found a diagram for it in one book: Origami For Children by Mari
Ono and Roshin Ono. It's on page 22-27. The publication date is 2009. No
model credits are given except on the last page of the book, it says, in
addition to giving thanks and credit to several people for other
contributions, "...special thanks to the origami artists and creators who
consented to the inclusion of their original designs in this book:
Dokuhotei Nakano: (pgs) 26, 28, 66, 74; and Isamu Asahi: (pgs) 70, 73, 76,
80, 83, 86.
----- No credit for the model on pg 22.
----- I assume from this that Mari Ono considers the "Koma spinning top" to
be traditional. Or it may be that they just don't know who is the designer.
----- I also have a handwritten note at the top of pg 22, that tells me
that someone, doesn't say who, told me in approx 2012, that the design is
attributed to one Aso Reiko.
----- It's a great design; wish I knew more about it.
----- I would guess that "Makoto-koma" means Makoto's Spinning Top.
..... from Chila Caldera ///

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