>Does anyone know something (author?) about those three small basic books?
>Their price is 3.5 HK$ each, so I suppose they are from China/HK.

>From the design of the covers and the price point, they would have been from 
>Hong Kong in the early 80’s. They should be roughly the size of 2 business 
>cards, ie much smaller than a normal book.

On the cover of the yellow one, it says the editor is someone called of Wong 
Siu Miu (this would be the anglicised Cantonese spelling used in HK), and the 
publisher is “New Light Publishing”, which from memory, was a fairly big and 
well respected company. However I believe the publisher is no longer in 

I have 2 books like these – one bought by my mum and one I bought myself when I 
was in primary school. They are designed for children and sold at small 
bookshops, stationary shops and supermarkets.  The designs are mostly 
traditional, but some are likely to be Japanese ones from the 60s and 70s (ie 
Yoshizawa and Honda) as well. In one of these books, many of the designs 
require 2 sheet (usually one sheet for the front of the body, one sheet for the 
back), and many also require cutting.

Unfortunately in Asia, books have very fast turnovers (and very few become 
classics), so it is unlikely you’ll find newer editions of these exact books 


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