On Sunday Michael LaFosse invited us to listen to his interview, a podcast
on a paper-making-channel. Sorry... I don't know if I got the jargon right.

Thank you Michael, I enjoyed listening to it very much.

Continuing with a similar subject, I wanted to invite everyone to listen to
an origami podcast channel: "Precrease and Collapse" (Is it "podcast
channel" or how is it really called?). The origamist Stéphan Gérard (no
relation... just a coincidence) is the creator of this channel. On each
episode(?) Stéphan interviews an origamist, but he also makes
recommendations of origami-related stuff, and recommends some other podcast
stations (?).

He has interviewed Gachepapier, Viviane Berty, and Nicolas Terry for now.
Besides that, he uploaded two other podcasts of a fun activity he thought
of during theWorld Origami Days last year.

Find more information here: https://www.precreaseandcollapse.com/

PS: Sorry if I made it a bit confusing, using the terms incorrectly.


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