Hi everyone.

Can you please help me? I wish to get authorization from Kenneth Kawamura
for his "Butterfly Ball" and from Carlos Bocanegra for what I think is
titled "Simple Star". I wish to use both models on a workshop I plan to
give in an origami convention.

In case I'm mistaking the name of Mr. Bocanegra's model, I'm referring to
this one:

Over two weeks ago I asked both. Mr. Kawamura had written in the past here
on the list so I used that email address and I had found Mr. Bocanegra's
Facebook account so I tried to contact him that way. Neither of them
answered back.

Maybe one of you is closer than me to one or the other. Would you please
help me? Would you please ask for their authorization on my behalf?

I'd really appreciate it. You can write back to me through the list or in
private to my email address gerardo(a)neorigami.com

PS: Both models are modular ones made from waterbomb bases that haven't
been altered that much, just two, one or no folds. Do you know of any other
besides these two and Robert Neale's "Sixfold Ornament"?


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