On March 1st I asked for the list's help in order to contact two
origamists. I wanted to ask for their authorization so to use a creation of
each for a workshop I plan to execute on an origami convention.

Thank you! Fellow members helped me out and I was able to get the
authorization I needed.

As a postscript of that message, I asked if one of you knew of other
modular models made from waterbomb base units with very little or no
changes. The ones I already know are

1. Carlos Bocanegra's "Star for Making Ear-rings" (I had incorrectly called
it "Simple Star" on my original message):

2. Robert E. Neale's "Sixfold Ornament".

3. Kenneth Kawamura's "Butterfly Ball".

4. Grace Matthews "Modular Star":

That's a good number, but still, I wanted to ask you to please tell me of
other models if you did know any. Now, the modular model must be of 12
units tops and each unit must be a waterbomb base with just two, one or
zero extra folds.

You can answer this message through the list or in private to my email
address if you prefer: gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Thank you in advance, everyone.


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