In an article about the artist Haegue Yang in the NY Times Sunday Style
Magazine, they say:
"One of Yang’s first big comeback pieces, and the one that launched her
career, was 2006’s “Sadong 30,” which took place in Incheon, a port city in
South Korea, inside her late grandmother’s old house, abandoned for nearly
a decade. It was a ruin, with missing windows, peeling wallpaper and holes
in the ceiling. Yang placed broken and intact mirrors, a folding laundry
rack, lights, an oscillating fan and clusters of delicate origami stars
within the derelict rooms."

The adjacent picture shows an empty, abandoned room with multiple
origami kusudama and other modulars:
Caption: "Yang’s 2006 installation “Sadong 30,” in an abandoned home in
Incheon, South Korea.Credit...Haegue Yang, “Sadong 30,” 2006, installation
view, light bulbs, strobes, light chains, mirror, origami objects, ..."

There is also a picture of her 2019 exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in
NYC (that I was fortunate enough to see late last year) with many
origami-like pieces:
Caption: "Yang’s 2019 installation in the atrium of the Museum of Modern
Art in New York, which includes mobile sculptures and subtle references to
geopolitical events"

And here is the link to the full article:

Yaacov Metzger

PS Karen Reeds, I'm surprised you missed it!

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