I have just created a new web site specific to Origami and (I hope) with a
slightly different purpose: To document--textually and
photographically--initial models I have created I will try and
new images of these as I modify and refine them.

The site: *http://paulshoffman.wixsite.com/origamihakken

Since I also seem to be on a folding streak these days, I am periodically
adding new (and sometimes very rudimentary) models that I feel have
potential beyond their initial iteration.

My goal: To learn more; to share more; gain new perspectives into the
creative process; and to better appreciate the expansive, inspiring
community of folders residing far beyond the table at which I fold.

I hope you will visit my website--which will continue to grow over
time--and respond with feedback, suggestions, or shared experiences. In
return, I'll try to respond in as timely a way time permits. (I can post to
this list or, to visitors individually if they express that preference.

Best wishes and happy folding.

* <origamihak...@gmail.com>origamihak...@gmail.com*

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