In regard to the question of whether NASA requires astronauts to fold origami 
cranes,I did a Google search of "nasa origami crane test" and got a few 
relevant hits, including this one:
 London Telegraph also appears to have an article, but I couldn't read it 
without entering my credit card number. (Um...NO! There were some other 
references as well.
Dawn TuckerO'Fallon, MO

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  1. Sighting -- Origami Cranes on Eureka (OrigamiX)


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This may be old news to everyone here, but since I'm a decade behind on 
television watching, who knows?

Eureka, Episode 16, season 4, 12.5 minutes into the show.

The characters are locked in a room where they are being tested in 
preparation for a trip to Titan (suspend disbelief here). Their 
challenge is to fold 100 origami cranes. One of the characters explains 
that this is the same test that NASA uses. The idea is to see if people 
become sloppier as they progress. Anyone know if there actually is a 
NASA origami challenge? Some of the "science" on Eureka has a basis in 

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