Hi Folders,

It is a little bit disconcerting to be to read about the Documentary film
that folks here are generally skeptical about.  

First, I was a little unsure what Leslie was referring to, as my first name
was quoted without context.

"From: leslie cefali <ljcef...@gmail.com>
It looks, to me, like he emailed the contact people from the community
origami groups that are listed on LISA?s website."

Secondly, I received a legitimate email from Laura Rosenbaum 10 days ago,
and am working on a 5 minute clip.  Have others received that email? 

Lisa B. Corfman

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> > Had anyone else heard from someone called Prince Vaugh, III? He 
> > contacted me and said they were putting together a documentary on 
> > origami and we're wondering if I, or one of my colleagues, would be 
> > interested in participating.
> >
> > Does anyone know about this? Anyone participating?
> >
> > I am always a teeeny bit paranoid about things like this...

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