I want to invite you to the Pacific Ocean Paperfolders POP meeting: this
Sunday, April 19th, 1 - 3 pm PDT. Thanks to Joel Stern, you'll be joining
me in my kitchen to make some tasty tatortillas. Yes!... we'll be folding
tortillas instead of paper.

In order to make one, please have the following ready for the meeting:

1. One tortilla (ideally 10'' diameter, but you can make a small appetizer
from a 6'' one)

2. A bit of drinking water to moisten.

3. Something for the tatortilla's filling: for example, sauces,  cheese,
sliced mushrooms, veggies, sausage, shredded chicken, tuna, or even fruit,
if you want to make a sweet tatortilla. PLEASE have everything already
sliced and shredded for the activity.

4. Griddle or similar to toast the tatortilla a little bit.

5. Two spoons (optional): I fold the tatortillas using one spoon in each
hand to avoid touching too much the tortilla, but you can fold yours with
your hands if you prefer.

Join us through Zoom. You'll find the web address here:
If you have any questions, you can contact Joel at j <http:<span class=>

See you this Sunday!


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