Perusing various books for patterns of flowers, I happened on one by Ligia 
Montoya, diagrammed by Nick Robinson beginning on p. 118 of his Encyclopedia of 
Origami Techniques. (It's the last model shown on Gilad's index page here.) A 
solid low intermediate folder, I made a mess of my first attempt using 6" paper 
but the 8" one turned out pretty well. If you try it, pay close attention to 
the location of the fold in step 19. Lovely to work on a model by this 
important woman who I only learned of this week via Paper Life, the book we are 
able to download free from the origami museum in Uruguay.
Bonnie Hurley, Older Folder (unskilled in photography)

Have without holding: catch and release (This is my usual home-made sign-off 
but perhaps it makes a nice a motto for origamists who make models, then give 
them away. Feel free to adopt it, with or without credit.)

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