I have found a few models that are not currently on your list:

House with Heart by Kamikey


I don’t know the name of the model, however it is here on Facebook my apologies 
for the ridiculously long web address


There is also this one on YouTube which gives you a little chimney

Nuevo Origami Home Heart Stays by Sergito Munoz



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Hi everyone,

recently, quite a bunch of models have been created with the theme of a house 
and a heart. I'm trying to put together a list of these models. Who can help me 
complete it?

Here's what I've got so far:

Date    Model   Designer
2020-03-25      Home is where the heart is      Sara Adams
2020-03-28      Heart and Home  Reza Sarvi
2020-03-28      "Stay Home" sticker     Jass Ng
2020-03-31      Un cuore e una capanna  Francesco Mancini
2020-04-05      Hogar   Oz Neyer
2020-04-08      Fica em Casa    Isa Klein
2020-04-10      Stay Home       Jo Nakashima
2020-04-12      Casinha com coração     Lidiane Siqueira
2020-04-13      House in a Heart        Hadi Tahir
2020-04-13      Condomínio      Isa Klein

The dates are the earliest posts I could find of the models in question on the 
designers' Instagram accounts. I've also posted pictures of my folds here, 
including links to diagrams / tutorials: 

Stay safe and happy folding,

-- Sara

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