Hello Everyone,
Best wishes to everyone during and here are a couple of books we have just 
published that I hope will brighten your day.

Origami Checkerboard Puzzles by Mick Guy

The perfect book for ‘lockdown folding’, combining origami and puzzles. With 
some real challenges!
Geometric Origami by Phillip Shen
Out of print for some time – The artistic diagramming style of Paul Jackson 
combined with the genious of Phillip Shen’s work make this classic book, one 
for everyones collection.
There are a couple of ways to buy these books, from either BOS Publications in 
the UK or via Amazon with our Print on demand service. 
I am pleased to announce that our service has now extended to reach more 
countries than before via Amazon that use printers local to your 
region/country, allowing your book to be delivered faster than before in many 
areas, including now Japan. Most regions offer free postage deals.

For more information see the BOS Publications page
Paul HansonBOS Publications

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