Thank you so much Andrea P. for your question about document cameras to
teach origami online and all the answers explaining how they used a
smartphone instead! I had not thought about that before.

I taught tonight how to fold a model in the GP3 meeting. I used
an android OS smartphone as my webcam.  This is how I did it:

1. I installed DroidCam both on the smartphone and my Windows OS laptop.

Smartphone app:

Windows OS:

2. I followed this steps:

3. I attached the phone to the arm of my desk lamp using a rubber band. The
cool thing about that was that I could then use the lamp as a light source
for the paper.

4. I connected the smartphone to my laptop through USB. I didn't need to
but that way I wouldn't have to worry about the phone's battery.

I do have to learn to check the laptop screen every now and then, because
sometimes I wasn't placing the paper in the center of the frame. It'll take
some getting used to : )

Before DroidCam I tried two other apps but I wasn't able to get them to
work: IVcam and IP webcam.

Hope this information helps Andrea or anyone else. I'm really thankful with
the information you've all shared. Before, I was folding on the air or
against a wall, but now I can use this solution for my
conference/workshop... Hooray!


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