Hi everyone, 

As part as the weekly presentation of videos that started last month, the Museo 
del Origami in Colonia is proud to present Paul Jackson, one of the most 
popular origami artists who needs little presentation, at least in this forum. 
So here is the announcement with links for tomorrow’s video and I hope to see 
you there! 

Don’t forget there is a video AND a zoom meeting right afterwards, so please 
don’t leave early! 

There are TWO links, so if you want to watch the video and participate in the 
Zoom session, you’ll have to click on both. 

As it is spoken in Spanish, you’ll have to turn on the English Subtitles (found 
in the little Settings wheel at the right hand corner in the bottom of your 
video screen.)

For those who cannot attend the invitation, the whole zoom session will be 
recorded and will be made publicly accessible. 

**Premier of a New Video about the Work of Paul Jackson: Saturday May 9th ** 

*Followed by Zoom Q&A with the artist*

The Museum is proud to announce the completion of a 7-minute video about the 
innovative artworks of Paul Jackson, whose 35-year origami career has perhaps 
broadened the conceptual base of the art more than any other artist.
The video will be broadcast 'Live' on YouTube Premier at exactly 11.00am 
Uruguay time (or -3 hours GMT, or 10am New York, 3pm UK, 4pm Europe) on 
Saturday May 9th. Please click the bell on the link to be alerted before the 

After the screening, Paul will answer questions via a live Zoom link.
Meeting ID: 329 347 4965
Password: 2020
(The Meeting link will be open from 15 minutes before the start of the video. 
Please join the Meeting before watching it)

See you there 
Laura Rozenberg
Museo del Origami 
Colonia del Sacramento

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