Hello, my name is Keinan Weissberg. I am 9 years old and a member of
origami USA and i would like to ask a few questions for all the origami
masters out there.

I am trying to fold the ryujin and I don't know how thin the paper
should be, for example the gsm of the paper. Additionally, where I can get
very big paper, for example, I thought I needed to use a paper 2m by 2m
like Mr.Satoshi Kamiya did. I usually use a double tissue paper I make at
home but when I try combining papers together to make a larger paper it
always wrinkles or tears. The largest tissue paper I made with the glass
table (145 cm by 70 cm) at home is 1m by 1m, but it did not come out so
good. I normally make 60 cm by 60 cm tissue paper to fold complex origami
like Lucanus maculifemoratus by Mr. Kota Imai.

Can you please give me advice?

It would also help if someone can tell me different types of papers I can
make at home and use.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Keinan Weissberg

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