Hi Gerardo,

Do you mean – Fold each step on all the units before going onto the next step?


Anyway I think it depends. My experience is that usually all steps are done on 
the first unit, then a second unit. Then enough units to make a corner or to 
show how to assemble. Often the rest of the units and the completion of the 
model is left as an exercise for the audience. 


For myself, I find that I learn better if I do the same fold on several units, 
then go on to the next fold.





>From Gerardo:

Hi everyone.

I'm here once more with a question ; )

Those of you who fold modular models in local groups, particularly now that 
it's done through online video conferencing, do the groups tend to fold all the 
units at the same time or one by one?

Thank you in advance. Your answers will help me better shape an idea for an 
activity I would like to share in one of the groups.

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