Hi everyone!

So Last Sunday we enjoyed having Beth Johnson on our very first session of
Origami Talk and it was so much fun!

Beth showed us her studio, her favorite papers, How she organizes her model
and spoke about her design process:

*“**What I really like doing is designing with paper in hand. So I am not
someone who likes to sit down and sketch things out and I like to simply
play with paper in my hands**”*
-Beth Johnson

She also showed us some of her beautiful finished models, Including her new
gorgeous model Chipmunks! - so cute!

*The second session of origami talk is open for registration:*
The second session is already up and open for registration. We are going to
meet and chat with Noah Deledda next Sunday, who is an American artist
known for painting, sculpture and more. but not Origami!

He creates something unique out of an ordinary object, Aluminum Cans! He
Scratches, dents, and creases to make very intricate patterns on cans only
using his thumbs!

Please check his work on his website <http://www.noahdeledda.com/> and
Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/noahdeledda/>.

To get the tickets for the second session of Origami Talk please visit:

You can also always learn more about the upcoming artists on the website
and if you'd like read more about the project and some stories about the
project you can subscribe to the Origami Talk website News Letter.

If you'd like to donate to the project, please contact me privately.

With best regards,
Ali Bahmani

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