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I’m appearing live from Australia via Austria (go figure huh!) tonight on Ars 
Electronica’s youtube live channel.

13:00 Tuesday 26th May 2020 (GMT+2) 
(this is CET central european time)

see down the page here: for the daily 

and here:
for the actual live stream

its free! and you can ask me questions via the chat.

I will be discussing my research theme as part of the Inside Futurelab program. 
I will briefly present an overview of our work in oribotics (robotic origami) 
followed up with a peak into our research agenda for our recently funded 
research project which is titled: 

ORI*botics: the Art and Science of Robotic Origami

Part of which, includes an open call for computational origami contributions to 
an open source origami design package. I will distribute more information about 
this call when it opens. We expect sometime in 2021.

all the best, Matthew

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