Hello all, This is an interesting topic! One of the things I love about
origami is that it frees me from putting a $ next to what I do. I have been
earning my living as a weaver/designer/teacher for 50 years,  who has
always struggled with putting a dollar value on everything I create.
Origami for me (in my 5 years of folding) has become something I do as a
gift to the community and more of a spiritual practice. Since I do not
design original models or write origami books,  I consider myself an
enthusiast. An origami friend and I started an origami group in our Montana
town. We call ourselves The Craniums and meet twice a month. We teach
models mostly from YouTube tutorials and always talk about the designer. We
stress the importance of including the name of the designer when giving a
model as a gift and stress the importance of gaining permission should
anyone desire to sell any models.
      I am about to begin a Senbazuru in support of Tsuru for Solidarity.
To warm up, I have folding a Fireworks by Yami Yamauchi every day and am
accumulating a stunning array,
Here is my question: Would it be ethical to give the Fireworks as gifts to
people who make a $25-$50 donation to their local food bank? Is this in
keeping with the origami spirit? I look forward to your response.
Fold On!
Bonnie Tarses
Missoula, Montana

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