Hi Bonnie,
I have no 'legal' authority, nor experience about what you're asking, but I
do think that giving origami as gifts is definitely in the spirit of
origami!  And I knew Yami personally and believe he would've approved of
such a wonderful gesture.
Would love to see pix of your Fireworks models, as well as the Senbazuru
when it's done.  You can mail them to me directly since we don't share
images here.
Happy Folding,
Mary Ellen Palmeri

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 10:35 AM Bonnie Tarses <btar...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all, This is an interesting topic! One of the things I love about
> origami is that it frees me from putting a $ next to what I do. I have been
> earning my living as a weaver/designer/teacher for 50 years,  who has
> always struggled with putting a dollar value on everything I create.
> Origami for me (in my 5 years of folding) has become something I do as a
> gift to the community and more of a spiritual practice. Since I do not
> design original models or write origami books,  I consider myself an
> enthusiast. An origami friend and I started an origami group in our Montana
> town. We call ourselves The Craniums and meet twice a month. We teach
> models mostly from YouTube tutorials and always talk about the designer. We
> stress the importance of including the name of the designer when giving a
> model as a gift and stress the importance of gaining permission should
> anyone desire to sell any models.
>       I am about to begin a Senbazuru in support of Tsuru for Solidarity.
> To warm up, I have folding a Fireworks by Yami Yamauchi every day and am
> accumulating a stunning array,
> Here is my question: Would it be ethical to give the Fireworks as gifts to
> people who make a $25-$50 donation to their local food bank? Is this in
> keeping with the origami spirit? I look forward to your response.
> Fold On!
> Bonnie Tarses
> Missoula, Montana

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