Tomorrow, Sat. June 6th, the Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, will 
premier a 13min video with Felipe Moreno (Spain), curator and one of the 
founders of EMOZ, the first modern museum of origami in the world, located in 
Saragossa, Spain. 

After the video, please join us in the zoom meeting for a live conversation 
with Felipe Moreno. The conversation is in Spanish with English subtitles.

You can access the video by clicking the link below. It will not start until 
10:00 (EST) (4:00pm Spain, or 11:00am Buenos Aires) because it is a YouTube 
"Premier". Instructions on how to turn on English Subtitiles will be given at 
the beginning of the video. Don't panic, it's easy to turn on subtitles! 

On the same page, look for the link to the zoom meeting, which will start at 
about the same time. Just click the link and you'll be in the room with all of 

Laura Rozenberg
Museo del Origami
Colonia del Sacramento

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