Hi everyone!

Join us tomorrow at 9:30am PDT as we talk to Robert Lang. You can also ask
your questions from Robert during the session.
Get your ticket from www.origamitalk.org
The session will be on Zoom.

Origami Talk: Robert J. Lang: A Friendly Conversation with Robert Lang
When: Sunday, Jun 14, 4:30pm GMT | 9:30am PDT | 12:30pm EDT
*Note that we wil start 30 min later than usual time.

Most tickets are already sold and the seats are limited. So don't miss out!
Ticket is *Donation* based. which means You can change it to the amount you
like to support the Origami Talk project. Promo codes are also still in
effect. So if you have it feel free to use.

See you tomorrow,
Ali Bahmani

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