In response to Dawn's request for information about Folded Squares origami
paper,  Mark said " ...the Pantone color coding is of no consequence to me.
To me, that concept smacks more of brand name marketing than usefulness in
any coordinated design effort."   Yes, it probably has no consequence for
most people who use it.  However, color matching with Pantone is standard
in graphic design  where exact color rendition is important.   Unless
everyone's screen and printers are color matched, the difference in what a
color looks like is amazing.  In my office we can look at a color on
multiple screens and no two are alike, some with great differences among
them.  When color is critical,  the only way to be sure, especially true in
these days of working remotely, is for communication to occur with each
person looking at her own Pantone color chart.  There are probably others
but it is pretty much the industry standard.

I agree with your assessment:  the colors are rich and beautiful. But the
thing that I really like about the single color sided version is that the
white side of the paper is just as beautiful as the front and looks
intentional in the work rather than appearing as the backside of the
colored sheet.  I love it and do wish for a slightly larger size.  But I
have other papers for that--don't we all!

Donna Walcavage

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