This Saturday July 4, 11:00 - 12:30ish pm (New York) / 4:00 - 5:30ish pm
(London) / 8:30 - 10:00ish pm (Delhi), there will be another Folding
Together - FoTo gathering. You are all welcome; it's through the Zoom
platform. If you would like to attend, simply send me a message: gerardo(a)

The last one was a great success. Here are some pictures and comments from

Comment from Juan José (Medellín, Colombia):
"The origami meeting was great. I enjoyed a lot trying to fold the figures.
The first activity was a bit challenging but really fun: I thought I
wouldn`t be able to fold it but what a great thing when I finished first in
my team and also correctly! Hahaha. Just wanted to thank Gerardo for this
activity, I hope they will continue. Everyone there was nice and it's great
to find a group like this one. I definitely recommend it to any who wants
to play and create with paper"

Comment from James (Northeast England):
"Thank you for the splendid session yesterday...relaxed, friendly
interaction between yourself and an international group of over twenty
origami enthusiasts.
I particularly liked the way you got different people to teach the basic
windmill base in stages, and also the groups-of-four exercise where even
the quiet people were able to speak, discuss, tackle the problem, show
models, etc., with three others folders.
I've since hunted out a book "Extreme Origami" by Kunihiko Kasahara that
contains chapters dealing with The Pinwheel and Its Best Friends,
Variations on the Pinwheel, and Froebel's Basic Forms, all of which are
relevant to what we were doing with you yesterday.
Two other memories that will stay with me are the Pangolin (Eric Joisel)
shown in our group by Tej, and the large Hummingbird behind Karen's right did very well to hover in that position for over ninety

See you all Saturday ; )


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