Sorry for adding a second topic on the same day.

This kinda has to do with origami. I'm working on an origami-related video.
I recorded the dialogue on separate WAV files. The thing is, I don't have
enough experience so to identify what needs fixing in those files. For
example. in a prior recording of the dialogue, someone told me the
sibilance was excessive, but I had not noticed that before I was told.

I want to know if someone from the list knows something about sound and
video. I would like to share with that person an example of the recordings
and ask him or her if it needs a bit of editing. I know how to use Audacity
a little bit.

If you believe you can help me out, and wish to do so, would you please
reply to this message on the list or privately to my email address? It's

Thank you in advance : )


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