Kenneth mentioned his interest in adding diagrams for a praying person on a 
prayer manual he's editing for his church and mentioned he found some on 
I just wanted to mention that, when it comes to copyrighted works, it's 
important to first get the copyright owners authorization before doing 
something like republishing it, even if it is for a free publication. It's not 
enough to give proper credits. That is also the case regarding free diagrams, 
since the fact that they are available for free doesn't make them of public 
domain (without copyright).
You can read more about origami and copyright here:
And I'm willing to bet the creator of the YouTube video, isn't the copyright 
owner of said origami model nor the diagrams. That person probably simply took 
pictures from a book and turned them into the YouTube video without proper 
authorization. Such type of actions can only be reported by the author or its 
legal representative. So, he can't give you said authorization.
I tried to find out who is the creator of that model through Google, but 
couldn't. I found two different models, which are similar, but not the one you 
found: praying moor in "Origami: The Art of Paper Folding" by Robert Harbin 
(it's creator was unknown at that time), and Moor at Prayer created by Miguel 
Salvatella, found in "Secrets of Origami" also by Mr. Harbin.
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