Anyone interested in the history of tessellations might want to read this (though it doesn’t include the one described by Jorge).

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Geometry and tessellations are much older than Pompeii.
This is one of eight combinations called Archimedean tessellations or semi-regular tessellations. You can look them up on the Wolfram Mathworld website.



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Yesterday I was in Pompei and saw these tiles forming this shape of an octagon surrounded by equilateral triangles and I had seen it last week in some churches as well. Pompei is from the 1 st century AD and churches a few centuries older which surprised me even though the shape is simple and logical and has been used by Chirs Palmer and several others even myself in origami stars and tessellations.


So I was wondering if this shape has a name and if someone can share any interesting information about it.



Perhaps a link to see what you are referring to?


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