I can see that being used for practice grids and prototypes, but since I completely customize (rotation, number of spacings) my grid to the pattern I plan to fold on it and I fold a different pattern every time and those patterns don't generally require precreasing after the grid is folded it's not something I'd use for my tessellations.

Paradoxically, I feel like having readily available precreased grids would discourage new tessellation folders from pursuing projects that are bigger than the machined grid or learning odd divisions and rotated grids, which have proved crucial to how I plan my projects (but that might just be me being old-fashioned).
I also use gridding as an excuse to watch YouTube videos, so I don't mind doing it myself and I've chosen to design patterns that (mostly) don't require precreasing after the grid is done.

I agree that the device would be invaluable in mass-producing a particular pattern, especially when all the fold lines go all the way across the paper!

Happy folding,
Madonna Yoder
Gathering Folds

On Jun 21 2023, at 3:34 am, Vignesh Cumareshan <vcu...@hotmail.com> wrote:
I found this pretty interesting and the first time I've seen something like this. Play our cards right, perhaps no more precreasing for tessellations? 



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