You can also redirect stout to a file.

Usage: java -jar orion.jar [switches]
-install - installs the server, activates the admin account and rewrites text fi
les to match the OS linefeed etc
-quiet - surpress standard output
-userThreads - enables context lookup support from user-created threads
-config - specifies a location to server.xml
-console - launches the admin console in-process
-validateXML - valides (strictly) the XML files when reading them.
-out [file] - specifies a file to route standard output to
-err [file] - specifies a file to route error output to
-version - Prints the version and exits.
-? -help - print (this) help message

so java -jar -out stdout.txt -err stderr.txt

This should work from a service AFAIK

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 04/04/01 01:36am >>>
Thank you for the replies!

> From: Mike Cannon-Brookes
> Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 13:56
> - check in your application.log file for that application,
> the errors will be there
Thanks, it's there, and ehh, I've found an interesting problem. So it was
me.. :|
In the application log
(<oriondir>\application-deployments\<appname>\application.log ) I've found a
full stacktrace

> From: Johan Fredriksson
> Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 14:34
> I use this command line for starting orion on a windows machine
> java -jar -Djdbc.connection.debug=true orion.jar 1>
> \orionlog\systemout.txt
> 2> \orionlog\systemerr.txt
Thank you also for the reply, but our orion running as a service, so I'm in
doubt if it can work. But I'll try it of course.


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