Hi all

   I have two web apps, one with root, other with with virtual

        <web-app application="CBOSSwww" name="web" root="/" />
        <web-app application="CBOSSishop" name="ishop-web" root="/ishop" />

   I wants to redirect to some page /lalala.html of app CBOSSishop and
   do sendRedirect("/lalala.html") in CBOSSishop, but
   orion redirects it to the root app CBOSSwww /lalala.html;jsessionid=...
   When i remove this line from default-web-site.xml:
        <web-app application="CBOSSwww" name="web" root="/" />
   and do redirect again, it successfully redirects it to
   Is it a orion bug?
   Please help!

Sergey G. Aslanov
CBOSS Group,
Web-technologies department
tel: +7 095 7555655

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