Hi Max,

I don't know if it's much use, but an old tutorial I wrote on handling 
many-to-many relationships in Orion, using the exact same example you use, might 
be of use to you. You can find it here (it's also on Atlassian.com, but I don't 
have the link handy).


A few things to note:
* This is for EJB 1.1, EJB 2.0 defines a standard mechanism for handling this 
sort of problem.
* This works on Orion 1.5.2 and OC4J, but I've received error reports 
on other versions of Orion.

Someday, I'll get around to updating this document for EJB 2.0, but I'm swamped 
at the moment.

Hope that helps,

Maximilian Eberl wrote:
> Excuse me for asking off topic (and stupid), I am just learning to use
> Entity Beans on Orion.
> In most tutorials entity beans only represent ONE ROW from ONE TABLE, but
> relational databases go far beyond that.
> I have a relational database for movies, actors, directors & writers.
> ...
Warren Hedley
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