Title: tool to print all remote method invokations of EJBs
Why not use a logger?
I find using a logger extremly helpfull in tracking how both the clients and the server acts.
I use Log4J, but in j2sdk 1.4 the logging package is also available.
As far as i can see, it does not matter much which one, one chooses.
I choose apaches log4j as i have some tools using jdk 1.3, and it has alot more features than the sun one.
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Sendt: 2. maj 2002 09:34
Til: Orion-Interest
Emne: tool to print all remote method invokations of EJBs

Hi all,

can somebody recommend any toll that allows to print all (or selected) remote method invokations of EJBs on Orion 1.5.2. I need to have it in real-time so step-by-step tracing is not a solution.

Thank you in advance

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