That's correct AFAIK, and applies to all connection pooling
schemas(JDBC, ODBC, you name it) but on most recent versions, the driver
will pool the connections itself, not Orion.

Anyhow, you got most of it right, except that another jsp page instance
may vote in a different connection. No sweat tough, you should have to
pour a lot of code to make that happen, it's called 2PC(it's a protocol)
and allows different transactions to operate as a single one(different
transactions means they may not be in the same DB/DBHost; they may even
be DB's from different vendors!).

So basically, if you're not into learning exotic protocols or
implementing exotic systems, then you're ok with Orion as is.

My 2c,

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> connection pooling....
> Hello,
> I have some jsp's that are using orion's connection pooling.
> When a jsp page opens the db connection (oracle) through the 
> connection pool, is it dedicated to that particular jsp page? 
> Another jsp couldn't issue a commit or rollback and somehome 
> impact another jsp's transactions, correct?
> In other words, orion simply pre-opens the connection and 
> then hands it off to the jsp/bean/whatever for it's exclusive 
> use. Correct? When it is done with the connection, it goes 
> back to the pool.... right?
> Thanks,
> Keith

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