> I am desperately trying to understand how the JNDI service works. I want
> to be able to lookup EJBs thru the fully specified path, i.e
> java:comp/env/ejb/BeanJndiName, but it only works with BeanJndiName
> directly. This is not so much problem as the second one: I store
> environment vars in web.xml. These I can only retrieve through a reative
> lookup too (i.e. just the name of the variable without java:comp/env
> prepended). Why do I want to use the fully specified URL/path you say?
> Well, I want to be able to access the environment variables set in web.xml
> from the EJB layer, but here it only works if I specify ../EnvVarName. I
> want to have a general code doing these lookups that is being accessed
> from both the web- and EJB layer, but without a fully specified path, it
> won't work.
> /David

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