A good firewall can log packages that are denied. For example ipchains on 
Linux can log any packet that matches a specific rule. If you log all 
denied packages and start orion with the console you'll find out easily 
what the ports are ...

Guess you can do this trick with other firewall as well (e.g. ZoneAlarm)???


On Friday, May 11, 2001 4:45 PM, Eddie [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> Please tell me which ports I need to open such that orionconsole can 
> an orion server that is behind a firewall.
> I have some orion servers that I can monitor well, but one is behind a
> firewall and the orionconsole just "hangs" when I add the server and 
> on it (at least I was impatient to wait for the time-out to occur -> 
> for 10 minutest).
> Regards,
> Eddie

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