I am forwarding this on to the group per Mark's request...


Mark - yes! I have noticed too that the stall occurs *after* the
contents have been sent to the browser - almost as hough the content
length was set to be longer than the real content length.

I've never seen this with any previous versions, and I agree that it is
a serious problem - although since it worked before, I would guess that
it wouldn't be a very difficult problem for the Orion team to fix, who
have, in my opinion, done an incredible job with this product so far.


Hello.  I'm replying directly to you because I do not subscribe to the Orion list. Would you be so kind as to add this to the list?

I have had the same problem with Orion.  I've noticed a few more things:
  • The stalls are always in regard to POST requests.
  • The stalls occur after the request has been committed.  I put in statements that print to the standard output once a JSP page has been finished.  The stall is happening *after* the page contents have been sent to the browser.
This is a very serious problem.


Mark Meuer
Software Engineer
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