When I generate a CMP bean with a Primary Key Class, it compiles and
packages fine as far as the java side is concerned, however, when it is
deployed, it has an issue.

According to page 69 of the J2EE developers guide (I checked to be sure
I wasn't just talking about anything), it says that if the bean has
Container Managed Persistence, then the ejbCreate method should return
null... the container handles that along with ejbFindByPrimaryKey...

So, I have left it as null, but am using a custom Primary Key class.
When I try to deploy it, it says:

Error compiling ... filename ... method public void ... ejbCreate()
throws javax.ejb.CreateException, java.rmi.RemoteException doesn't
return a ... PrimaryKey (the path to the primary key class)

Then the deploy fails.

In JBoss, just to see what it had to say, it at least will deploy it but
still gives a warning saying:

"The return type of an ejbCreate(...) method must be the entity bean
primary key type."

>From what I can tell in the documentation, these errors are wrong

On a BMP bean, then yes I should have to return the Primary Key class
type from the ejbCreate method, this is stated in the developers guide,
but not for a CMP bean.

In the 1.3 preview release of the developers guide, it states the same
thing for BMP beans, however, it doesn't say anything about CMP -- it
says TBD ... maybe To Be Discussed... like TBA, I don't know... but
considering we're still using 1.2.1 standards, I'd like to know if I'm
just completely wrong, or this issue has been overlooked in the
orionserver (and jboss to some degree) deployment.

If it has changed since earlier versions of EJB specs and I'm just not
seeing it, I'd appreciate someone explaining it to me.

I've run this through VisualAge Enterprise Edition 3.5 as well... it
works fine with ejbCreate returning null on a CMP with a primary key
class, and if I try to tell it to return the key type, then it flags
warnings about it.

I can fool it into thinking everything is alright by setting the
ejbCreate to return the primary key, but is this the correct way of
doing this considering what the specs say?

Thanks in advance.

Ben Christensen
Novisum Development Inc.

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