Thanks for helping out.  I have been using the Sun GUI, and forgot the
beautiful power of Ant.

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The addressbook example uses the Ant build tool to build the project.  It's
available at
It's pretty easy to set-up, just follow the instructions at
Once it's setup, you should be able to build the project by typing the
following at the command line:

This will cause ant to build project using the default build.xml file in the
addressbook project.  This will create the C:\test\addressbook\lib for you.

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> It has been a while since I have worked on the address book example, but
> please clarify the lib directory question.  I have looked at the doc again
> at, and it says
> The generated Java .class files will be placed in the lib/java/
> subdirectory. This directory will be created automatically during the
> process, in step 9.
> I don't know if ejbdoclet (spelling?), the freeware tool, in conjunction
> with ant, would build xml files, but that would be a good place to start
> looking.  Anyone else have any ideas?
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> hi,
> i have downloaded the addressbook example. however, i wonder where i
> create the lib directory.
> i put all the example in the C:\TEST\addressbook folder while my orion is
> C:\orion.
> is there any tool that can help you to build the xml from the ones created
> by jbuilder?

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