We found a deadlock problem, but you don't need a heavy load to achieve it. I'll 
describe the situation to you and you can decide if it's the same error or not.

A session bean with container-managed transactions does updates to 2 entity beans. If 
_ANY_ error is thrown while updating the second entity bean, then the transaction is 
rolled back (as it should, and as we coded it to). The deadlock happens when you try 
to access the specific entity that was updated first in that failed transaction. The 
server just hangs at the ejbStore() call of that entity. We've duplicated this problem 
on Oracle 8, 8i, SQL Server 7, and someone else duplicated it on SAP and DB2. For some 
reason it works on PostgreSQL. We don't know if it's a result of the Dirty Connection 
that you see is left behind if you have -Djdbc.debug=true.

I have a test case, and we've posted a bug (#702). We've discussed this on 
elephantwalker, etc. and 1.5.4 doesn't correct the problem. My guess is that noone 
seems to think it's a big deal, which I find hard to believe. If this sounds like a 
possible way that you're achieving your deadlock (ie, you're updating multiple beans 
in a transaction that has the possibility of being rolled back, then you try to update 
one of those beans again), then I'd love it if you'd help me jump and scream and get 
someone, preferably magnus, to acknowledge this problem and fix it.

If anyone would like our test case, please email me and I'd be happy to send it your 


On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:33:38 -0600
Stephen Davidson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Greetings.
> I am running a load test on a system with 200 concurrent threads (simulating 200 
>concurrent users).  System requirements are for 1000 Users/box.
> When running the test, I hit the attached Error.
> Has anyone else been having problems with Orion under heavy loads?
> -Steve
> 500 Internal Server Error
> com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)].server.DeadlockException: Deadlock detected, 
>timing out call after 90 seconds wait for thread 
> Thread[ApplicationServerThread,5,applicationServerThreadGroup]
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 
> at User_EntityBeanWrapper36.getUserId(
> at
> at /site_header.jsp._jspService(/ (JSP page line 101)
> at com.orionserver[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)].http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(.:56)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]._cp._vhc(.:5639)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)].server.http.JSPServlet.service(.:31)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]._deb._lnc(.:514)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]._deb._wmb(.:170)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]._co._wbb(.:581)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]._co._fs(.:189)
> at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.4 (build 10585)]
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