First thing, you have to be able to run PHP from the command line.  It
must be in path for Orion to find it.  I hope this helps...

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Has anyone out there managed to get PHP 4.1.1 to compile as a servlet
and work with Orion? It compiles and I can install it, but any attempt
to access a PHP document throws an "Unexpected Exception", and you get a
couple of screenfuls of backtrace from the JVM.

To compile PHP use something like 

./configure --with-java --with-servlet

and then copy the phpsrvlt.jar to orion/lib and add the directory with
the to either LD_LIBRARY_PATH or your /etc/
depending on what you're using.

I'm using Orion 1.5.2, PHP 4.1.1 and the JDK 1.4 on Linux (debian
unstable, kernel version 2.4.17) but a quick google reveals that this is
a problem on other platforms.

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