Hi Randahl,

Yip, if you want to use Orion's container to manage your application client, 
then your client will need to include a bunch of Orion's classes + the Crimson 
XML parser (which requires DOM and SAX classes in turn) + javax transaction and 
security classes. I've managed to get the size of the client "helper" JAR down 
to 2MB, and it could probably get lower if you have the patience to manually 
remove classes from the JAR.

This is unfortunately the price you pay for the advantages of using Enterprise 
Java like RMI to beans and authentication.

Warren Hedley

Randahl Fink Isaksen wrote:
> I noticed that when specifying the jndi properties in accordance with 
> the orion documentation you include this line:
> Does this mean that the application client needs to have the mentioned 
> class in its class path? If so, how do you make this class available to 
> the client ? I think having the client application include all of the 
> huge orion.jar (which contains this class) seems a bit awkward, and if 
> you can use this class on its own I wonder why it is located in orion.jar.

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