I updated from Orion 1.5.2 to 1.5.4.

If I start Orion I get the following error when Orion tries to start my 
Error initializing site Default Orion WebSite: Error creating deployment 
directory: ../web

If I de-install my application I don't get the error, but ofcourse this 
isn't what I want.

I removed my application from the Orion deployment directory and deployed it 
several times to begin with a clean setup but I keep getting the error.

I use Windows 2000 with JNT to start Orion.

Any idea what's causing the error ?

Hereunder you find the application lines in the server.xml and 


<application name="sgs" path="../../Orion_apps/sgs/dist/make/j2ee"  />

<web-app application="sgs" name="../web" root="/groupsend" 
load-on-startup="true" />

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