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Hi Tom,
Im currently finishing the Security Primer document that will give you step by step instructions for setting up security for web-modules amongst other things. As this document is not finished yet, I would urge you to check out Suns tutorials on this subject (or any other tutorial you can find) as this is (apart from managing users) part of the J2EE specification.
Magnus Rydin
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Skickat: den 2 mars 2002 21:52
Till: Orion-Interest
Ämne: Login Security

I've been using Orion since the 1.4.x version and I love it so far.  I have used it for deploying JSP, Servlets, and JavaBeans under the default web-app.  I've even learned how to create virtual hosts with Orion.   Now I am learning more about web-apps, EAR files, and WAR files on Orion and BEA WebLogic.
However, my main question is about Login Security with Orion, it looks daunting to say the least.
Let's say I have two different web-sites:  
Both of these can be browsed to, but I want one of these to pop-up a dialog box to ask for username and password.  I suspect, that this can only be done with the actual 'mywebapp' and not with the directory that is just off the default-web-app.
Ok, so lets say I have two virtual hosts like this:
Both of these can also be browsed to, but I want of these to have security so that a dialog box pops-up and asks for username and password.
In both these scenarios, I am looking to add login security, and U am not sure if there are two different ways of doing this with Orion.   If any help can be provided, or if you know of anyplace where I can look.   Please let me know.
Thanks for you help.

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