I have used like statements successfully. Make sure of the following:
1) you have created an orion-ejb.jar.xml file in the META-INF directory of your <name>-ejb.jar file. This must contain the query.
2) you have deleted the existing orion-ejb.jar file from the deployment directory if you had already deployed your application.
If you just overwrite/edit the orion-ejb-jar.xml in the deployment directory then this will not work.
WARNING: When orion finally supports EJB-QL, the semantics of LIKE will change. EJB-QL does not allow like to be used with input parameters. Hence specifying an EJB-QL query of the type: "SELECT OBJECT(c) FROM Customer c WHERE c.name LIKE ?1" is illegal. You can only use constants or CMP fields in the like. Therefore if you base the running of your application on a LIKE comparison you will not be able to move to full EJB 2.0 compliance without some major reworks.
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I would like to perform like Statements in finder methods. Therfor I changed in the orion-ejb-jar.xml  the sql Statement to where xxx like ?    !

But Orion always overwrites it to where xxx = ?

Is there a way to use like statements in Orion  or do one have to use sql Queries?


Thanks Michael

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