> In the meantime, I just wanted to offer that I work for a company that
> develops what we call Portal Lifecycle Management tools (read application
> lifecycle for the web) on the J2EE platform.  We currently support both
> Orion 1.5.x and WebLogic 6.1 (we require EJB 2.0 compliance), meaning we
> use a single portal definition and can perform deployment to either
> platform in a few simple steps (local Orion deployment is fully automated).

we also use our own code generation that abstracts the server-specific stuff 
(deployment descriptors, database mappings etc.) so the main problem is not 
the actual transformation of that info but unexpected problems due to our 
lack of experience with WLS. if it is similar to orion you need some time to 
find out what features are really reliable/usable and where the problem areas 

> Since there are many differences in the most recent few releases of both
> Orion and WL, we could probably have endless discussions on the issues with
> porting from one to the other, but if you have more specific information
> (i.e. what versions of Orion the app is from and what version of WL is
> targeted), I could probably offer additional advice.

the app runs fine on orion 1.4.7 (production) and 1.5.4 (development to see 
if we can switch). WLS will be 6.1 I think. we currebntly use CMP 1.1 

> As far as Security goes, we have written adaptors for managing users and
> groups in Orion and WL separately -- i.e. we wrote a custom UserManager for
> Orion and a custom Realm for WL that communicate with our EJB's.  Also, if
> you want to write platform-neutral user management, check out the OSUser
> module of the OpenSymphony project, which is being developed specifically
> to address the different user manager implementations (and integrate them
> with external services such as LDAP or other legacy/proprietary security
> services) found in vendor J2EE implementations.

I'll look into that. thanks

> Also, just FYI, we had many problems with Orion's CMP (wouldn't generate
> finder queries with multiple parameters) and WL's auto-table generation, so

we've been using that extensively and never had problems 

> we ended up extending the EJBGEN package to generate both the
> orion-ejb-jar.xml and SQL scripts so we could create the tables for the CMP
> beans ourselves.

we have automated that part so I don't worry about that.

> Good luck and if you have questions, I'll be glad to offer additional
> advice.  You might also try out the new forums at Atlassian
> (http://www.atlassian.com) or The ElephantWalker
> (http://www.elephantwalker.com) to get additional perspective on the
> subject.

I'll check that out too. thanks


> -Jason

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