The easiest way to do this is just to put them inside one of your EJB JAR
files - by the specification any classes in an EJB Jar file have to be
visible to all other modules in the application.

If you're looking for an Orion specific solution, you can just use the
<library path="" /> element in orion-application.xml (this is what we use
for all our internal applications).

There's more about Orion classloading in Scott's piece here:

Hope this helps!


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On 6/3/02 9:07 PM, "Ramamurthy K" ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) penned the words:

> Hi Sanjay
>  There are few approaches. The best is use the apporach of Java Extension
> Mechanism if your application server support java 1.3. Place the common
> componets in your application  directory and specify realtive path in your
> both manifest files of war and jar.
>             with regards
>                  ram
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>> From:     Sanjay Kumar Pandey[SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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>> Sent:     Wednesday, March 06, 2002 10:57 AM
>> To:     Orion-Interest
>> Subject:     Deploying components common to EJB-tier and WEB-tier
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>> Hi,
>> I'm sanjay joining you guys for the first time.
>> Query:
>> ------
>> If I have some components that are common to both web-tier and ejb-tier,
>> which would be
>> the ideal place to store them(other than ../j2ee/home/lib) ??
>> Can I put them(the .jar file having the common components) in the same ear
>> file as the .jar(for ejbs) and .war(for web components) files and be able
>> to
>> invoke them from both the web tier and ejb tier.
>> Can you please tell me how the components can be invoked if I follow this
>> approach.
>> Thanx in advance,
>> Sanjay

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